Fusca, a vet of the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, knows how to work the room and takes great pains to drop in local references — Blackhawks, Pequod's Pizza and the like. He's got physical energy to burn and spins like a top across the stage, winking and dropping innuendoes to the people in the front row like an old pro from the Friars Club. (He has worked roasts in that fabled establishment) 

Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune Review

Amadeo is personable, relatable, and sharp-witted, allowing for his delivery of the one-man show to flow seamlessly.  Amadeo knows how to read the audience and play to them, customizing the experience for the particular crowd while keeping the hilarity to a maximum. Often times, this comedy did not allow for a breath between jokes. The success of this show can be attributed to his delivery, a comic who can deviate from the script only to enhance its message and laughter.

- Dylan Shaffer -

Amadeo Fusca Absolutely Phenomenal

A veteran of the Upright Citizen's Brigade, Fusca is no stranger to improv and stand-up comedy. He proves he’s got what it takes to work the crowd in this two-hour show. Fusca is absolutely hilarious as he jumps, climbs, pantomimes, and collapses on stage. His energy is incredible throughout the entire show. His comedic timing is on point as well - holding pauses for just the right moments and working with the crowd, especially the front row, to engage with the audience.

-Alexis Bugajski, Picture This Post Chicago

Best digs at Bob Saget at Jack Black Roast

“Thank you, Uncle Jesse.” -Amadeo Fusca

“I was so nervous for the roast today I wanted to go over my lines. Bob Saget snorted them all.”

-Amadeo Fusca

-Samantha Highfill, Entertainment Weekly



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